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Information for Families

Ernest Kimme Charter Academy for Independent Learning (KCAIL) is a VUSD 7-12 charter school that includes on-site classes, on-site intervention and support, online classes, independent study and Solano College coursework opportunities.  We do not have attendance boundaries so are open to any student in the VUSD and surrounding districts.  We do have the option to accept or reject applicants based on SARB or expulsion status.  We use multiple data sources to determine if KCAIL is the best learning environment for each student who applies. Interested students should come to our campus for information and enrollment paperwork.  Parents are encouraged to be involved in academics and school activities, however, parent participation is strictly voluntary and not required, per Education Code section 47605 subdivision (n). Parents are required to monitor independent learning as students are required to meet the state minimum for instructional minutes by grade level per Education Code.  Any violation of the Master Agreement may be grounds for non-voluntary disenrollment. KCAIL has earned WASC Candidacy Status and is in the process of accreditation, and has been granted UC eligibility status, but are not currently fully accredited or a-g eligible. 


Students in grades 7-9 attend classes three days per week for Math English, and Science and have a Personal Learning Plan hour with their PLP teacher once per week.  Teachers are also available during intervention hours for students who need extra support.

Students in grades 10-12 meet with their PLP teacher for one hour per week and may have online, independent study, and/or college classes as well, depending on their learning needs. Secondary students may take Biology-P, Spanish 1P or 2P and Photography-P and Earth Science-P on-site.

Clubs and electives are available on our campus, as well as community service and work experience opportunities.

Sports Participation for High School students is available to KCAIL students with a waiver. This arrangement is in place for this school year and will be negotiated on an annual basis.  Middle school students may participate in “non-cut” sports at their school of residence.  Contact resident schools for more information.

Acceleration and credit recovery are both possible at KCAIL.  The keys to student success are regular attendance, work completion and proof of standards mastery.  Graduation requirements are the same at KCAIL as at traditional sites.

Dual Enrollment is reserved for students with a compelling reason to be enrolled on two campuses.  Students requesting dual enrollment are decided on a case by case basis through cooperation between KCAIL, WCW and VHS staff.

Support services are available for all students at KCAIL.  We have a school counselor, a part-time mental health clinician, and a part-time RSP teacher on campus.  Special Education students will require a change of placement IEP to determine their best educational placement. We also have a variety of on-site core course intervention and support sessions available for students grades 7-12

AERIES Parent Portal is used for all students in the Vacaville Unified School District. The parent portal offers a secure and convenient way to access and update your child's information online. More info to come once your student is officially enrolled at KCAIL.  

Graduating Seniors will earn a KCAIL diploma and attend a KCAIL ceremony.  Like traditional schools, we enroll students with long term goals for academic success. We are not a short-term independent study program. Students who enroll at KCAIL are expected to stay for at least a semester.

For any questions or concerns, please refer to the following contacts below: 

Lois Chancellor. Principal                       

Kathy McBride, Counselor       

Robin Bright, School Secretary

Tess Wilken, Registrar